It Takes Little Money to Market A LOT!

It is always a good time to think of ways to grow your business…

Marketing Your Dive BusinessWe have all heard of Guerilla Marketing at one time or another, and you may have even employed some techniques. Hold that thought; now we want you to reach just a little further to grow your business.

Let’s take a brief moment to discuss FREE and low cost marketing ideas to drive more traffic and profits to your store.

A key factor is to maintain visibility; lay out a plan to keep your store in the forefront of consumer consciousness within your client base and, more importantly, the community.

Each day, think how you can enhance your marketing strategies. Be prepared to take even the smallest steps that add up to increased traffic, sales and profits.

Work at establishing deeper relationships with your existing customers.

Think of your store, your staff and services as a brand; are all segments of your business putting out the same message? Build your brand through:

  • Perception – ask your customers “How do you see us?” Is their perception the one you wish to expand on?
  • Product brochure – Do you have a professional looking “take away” that a new perspective customer can take with them? Will it match your look on your web site? Is the message consistent?
  • Packaging – You may think “the manufacturers take care of that”… we’re not talking about that packaging! The “packaging experience” starts when a phone is answered, a customer walks through your door, the way you and your staff is dressed and easily identifiable, down to the name tag on your chest!
  • Brand identity – Now ask yourself what your brand is synonymous to; when people think training, travel, repairs, and equipment purchases, do they think of you? Do all of the identities add or do any of them detract from your mission?

Have a market plan in place (in writing, not just in your head) that identifies:

  • Purpose
  • YOUR Competitive Advantage
  • YOUR Target Audience
  • What YOU stand for
  • The dollars that you plan to spend for marketing, stated as a % of sales. Many suggest you spend 10% of gross sales for marketing expenses in a specialty business, but as you know “there are no magic numbers.”
  • Track everything you do, how much you spend and what return you get. Drop what does not work; continue what does, and look for new ideas to add to the mix.

Spread the word and do not forget some of the more conventional older methods such as:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Creative business cards with a call to action & a reward! Think: referrals, etc.
  • Thank you notes to customers that spend a large amount of cash. Set a dollar minimum to trigger cards and stick with it!
  • Gather testimonies, surveys and endorsements

Also utilize new tools available, particularly social media!

Facebook, Twitter and a plethora of tools and techniques exist; set yourself a schedule, adopt one and become proficient with it before you employ the next one.

The most important thing is to TAKE ACTION. A retailer’s greatest competitor is time; don’t waste any of it, and stay focused.

Want to learn more… schedule a visit from one of our Regional Managers; they are always ready and able to help. Behind them they have many resources so please e-mail to arrange a store visit. Visit and see many of the opportunities that await you!

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