January Issue of Dive Log


Happy New Year from everyone at SDI, TDI and ERDI!

It’s the start of a new year and this is the first issue of Volume Two of Dive Log our eNewsletter for SDI, TDI and ERDI certified divers.It’s been a busy year and we have enjoyed bringing you some light reading every month.
This issue is special because there are a couple of special events being featured. First is the TEXAS DIVE SHOW, taking place later this month, and the second is an open house at 40 Fathom Grotto in mid-March. Read all about them by following the links below and remember we’d love to see you there. 

In the meanwhile, we all hope you have a wonderful 2009 and that the next 12 months is going to bring you plenty of underwater adventures.

A Special Message from the President…

My name is Brian Carney and I am president of the Scuba Diving International group of companies. I cannot tell you how proud I am to head up this team of professionals, and how much I have enjoyed working with them this past year to help bring positive change to the scuba diving industry.

Scuba Diving International, Technical Diving International, Emergency Response Diving International, Scuba Travel International and Diving Adventure Magazine all enjoyed unprecedented growth through 2008. In North America and the Caribbean we were lucky enough to recruit many very influential and successful dive stores and resorts to our ranks. We were able to bolster our headquarters staff with several hugely experienced and well-respected industry insiders. And in addition, our network of training centers, retail facilities, instructors and other services have expanded to the extent that we now offer quality training and support to dive enthusiasts just like you in every corner of the world through almost two dozen regional offices.


Share your passion for diving… take it to the next level

You love to dive and you have thought about taking things up to a professional level… well, we think that’s a great idea. Teaching scuba is something you can do almost anywhere in the world. SDI dive professionals make new friends, share new experiences and are members of the fastest growing organization in the dive industry because SDI programs are on the cutting-edge. But how do you take that next step and where can you find quality training?
That’s simple. In December, SDI programs were fully adopted by the Professional Scuba Diving Academy at 40 Fathom Grotto one of the most respected scuba training schools in North America…

come see the grotto

 Think up a slogan and we’ll give you an online training course

Scuba Diving International is looking for ideas for its new line of T-Shirts for the popular SDI Solo Diver Specialty.

Help us out and if we choose your slogan to use on our shirts, you will be given a free online eLearning code for you or a friend or family member. The code will be good for ANY SDI online course (this includes: Open Water, Deep, Navigation, Nitrox, and Wreck). Try your luck!

What to expect from your TDI Training… Intro to Tech


Our organization started with Technical Diving International in 1994, so you’re on safe ground thinking we know a bit more than most about… well, technical diving. The Intro to Tech program is mighty popular and more and more of our seasoned technical instructors are telling us how much fun they have teaching the program… so lets have a look at what it entails…


Diving on the historic sunken fleet in Scapa Flow
Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced technical diver, there’s a better than even chance you get a thrill out of wreck diving. Most of us begin to draw up a to-do list of dive sites we’d like to visit one day and for wreck divers, there are three sites that make it onto almost every list: Truk Lagoon, The US/Canadian Northeast Coast, and Scapa Flow. Scapa, off the far north of Scotland is home to the German High Seas Fleet that was scuttled there on 21st June 1919.
Scapa Flow is undoubtedly one of the best dive sites in the world and our the director of our German office recently lead an expedition there.

Scuba Travel International offers exciting getaways every month…


This month we are featuring two special guided trips in our brand new travel program… The first feature is a unique opportunity in July to snorkel with Whale Sharks off Isla Mujeres, near CanCun Mexico! In September, STI will be taking divers to the beautiful island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for spectacular reef diving… and remember, there are many more trips available… See your local SDI Dive Facility.


Scuba Travel International is the newest company in the SDI, TDI, ERDI organization and although the name is new, the director of STI is Steve Weaver, a diver whose travel business experience spans more than 20 years. All you have to do, is pick your destination.


Save 50% off TEXAS DIVE SHOW… January 24, 25 in Houston

Calling all divers in the South West! Come out and visit SDI, TDI at the Texas Dive Show at the Reliant Arena, Houston on the weekend of January 24, 25. Better yet, go into any participating SDI or TDI facility before the show and pick up a special discount coupon and only pay $5 entrance fee!
Highlights of the show include presentations by Cathy Church, Richie Kohler, Leigh Bishop and Michael Barnette. 

New level of leadership kicks taught first in Canada’s eastern Province

Another first for Newfoundland! North America’s most easterly point, known best for being the site of the first European settlement, the first transatlantic radio transmission, as well as cod tongues and Screech rum, can now boast it hosted the first workshop certifying SDI’s brand new level of instructor trainers. And it was done in the dead of winter…





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This communication is copyright 2008/2009. It is produced by International Training, the parent organization of our sport diver training agency: Scuba Diving International™ (SDI); the largest technical training agency in the world, Technical Diving International™ (TDI); and Emergency Response Diving International™ (ERDI) which offers the same high standard of diver education as our other organizations but to the Public Safety Diving (PSD) community.





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