Are you interested in becoming a part of Mission Rec Mission Tech?

We’re super excited about our upcoming events and want you to join us as a participating dive center.

Our mission rec mission tech events are a demo day tradeshow on steroids. Our goal is to combine some of the top manufactures, your Dive Store, your customers, and a dive site. Your customers can talk directly with the manufacturer to see, touch and, most importantly, dive the gear. How cool is that?

There’s got to be a catch for the dive shop, right?

Just one! Bring your customers to the event.

You’re only on the hook for spreading the word. Plus, we make spreading the word easy through our social media advertising campaign, email newsletters, and premade graphics, customized for you to post, email, or place in your website. We also supply you with physical materials to pass out to divers in person. [on screen graphics of resources] You as the dive center have the personal connection to the customer so your role is vital because this is event is for you and your people!  You get to actually work with them in the water when they try gear, what could be better.

Leverage our planning and promotion so your divers can get out and play with some great new gear. Dive centers are the driving force behind the event, but it’s no charge to be a participating dive center. Just be a part of the promotion and reap the benefits of a happy local community.

To get signed up as an official 2018 participating dive center, just fill out the form below.  That’s it!  See you on the other side.

For more info about the events, check out our mission rec mission tech page here.