Here is an opportunity to take advantage of some FREE* promotion. Fort Lauderdale is putting on a promotion aimed at folks who want to dive (the press release is reproduced below). The promo suggests people do their academics onLine and then travel to Lauderdale for the in-water work. You can register (contact Colleen McCormick at 212-754-6500 or colleen@msilver-pr.com ) You can also contact Cris Merz at SDI HQ cris.merz@tdisdi.com




GREATER FORT LAUDERDALE — Looking to get more out of your vacation? Want to explore the wonders of the ocean from beneath the sea? Look a parrot fish in the eye?
Take the plunge. It’s so easy during Greater Fort Lauderdale’s official "Learn to Dive Month" this June. Surf temps are perfect, water is calm and special dive packages with a free graduation dive and a free hotel night make it easy and affordable to get certified.
“How easy is it to learn to Scuba dive? A vacation of three days in Greater Fort Lauderdale plus some online study in advance will do it. And, throughout June’s “Learn to Dive Month” newcomers to the sport will enjoy extra-value savings with a free graduation dive as well as a free hotel night, “ said Nicki E. Grossman, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. “With a free dive and a free hotel room, there is no need to delay.”
Greater Fort Lauderdale’s new June "Learn to Dive" program features online training through local dive operators and shops to help you get trained, suited up and certified in an easy and safe program. Go through instruction to graduation to dive vacation in a few simple steps:
·         Start the precertification online before you leave home
·         Conduct an open-water dive in Greater Fort Lauderdale
·         All you need is a minimum of three days to complete the certification process (a minimum of four days required for those who fly).
·         Enjoy a free fourth night when you stay a minimum of three at a participating hotel
·         Free congratulatory graduation dive!
Worldwide, 17.5 million enthusiasts have been certified since the 1960’s. What makes Greater Fort Lauderdale one of the stand-out destinations for those millions of diving enthusiasts is a unique three-tiered natural reef system and more than 75 artificial reefs and wreck sites created by careful environmental planning over the last 20 years plus an abundance of full-service dive shops and expert instructors.
From Deerfield Beach in the north to Hallandale Beach in the south, Greater Fort Lauderdale’s 23 miles of beaches offer dive spots starting at 100 yards from shore. Add championship golf, hundreds of resorts, hotels and motels; some 4,000 restaurants; a vibrant cultural scene; and great shopping – from flea markets to fashion boutiques to mega-malls – help transform a “Learn to Dive” experience into a complete vacation.
“Learn to Dive Month” is simple one-stop shopping: Everyone interested in learning to Scuba dive logs on to www.sunny.org/learntodive where they can link to SDI to register to take the online technical training necessary and to dive shops in Greater Fort Lauderdale that can provide the “in-water” lessons and certification and graduation dives necessary for completion of the training.
For more information about Greater Fort Lauderdale and “Learn to Dive Month,” visit www.sunny.org.


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