Let’s Meet at the Scuba Show in Long Beach, CA

Learn about our agencies…and take home some SWAG!

long-beach-showSDI™, TDI™ and ERDI™ will be at the Long Beach Show May 5th and 6th. Please stop by our booth #155 and find out what is new and exciting with the agencies. Meet Jeff Smith, Regional Manager for the southwest, and ask him what your next step in Scuba may be and where you can go to get it. SDI™, TDI™ and ERDI™ offer a great variety, from recreation, technical or public safety diving, we have it all.

Be sure to save the date for our Intro to Tech seminar on Saturday, May 5, in room #305 at 4pm and enter to win a free “Intro to Tech” diver’s kit. Intro to Tech is a TDI™ class that is particularly designed for those that are still not sure if you may want to enter the realm of Technical Diving. Try on a set of doubles and other gear configuration, and learn about what advanced tech ratings can give you as a diver in order to have the tools and skills to explore the underwater world at greater limits.

On Sunday, join Jeff again for the Member’s Update. Find out what changes have been made to our standards and what’s new with the website. Learn about additional ratings and what you need to get there. The members update will be held at 2pm in room #305. Get updated and enter to win a free SDI™ Polo shirt.

Contact TDI SDI and ERDI
If you would like more information about our events or to schedule an appointment with TDI, please contact:
Tel: 888.778.9073 | 207.729.4201
Email: Worldhq@tdisdi.com
Web: https://www.tdisdi.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TechnicalDivingInt

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