Major Dive Agencies Relocate to Better Serve a Growing Global Market


TDI™/SDI™/ERDI™ are proud to announce the opening of their new Jensen Beach, Florida headquarters. The new offices are now officially opened, and they perfectly accommodate TDI™/SDI™/ERDI™’s continued growth pattern and will allow for expansion for years to come. Brian Carney, group President stated, “This move marks the coming home to the TDI™ birth place, Florida.” TDI™ was the original agency in the group and remains the crown jewel from where the other agencies, SDI™ and ERDI™, were spawned. “This move was a difficult decision for our Team to reach but ultimately we know it is the right one,” stated Carney.

One of the world leaders in facilitating dive instruction through its members worldwide, TDI™/SDI™/ERDI™ will keep Florida’s balmy waters busy year round with a plethora of Professional Training programs for Pro Members that were impeded by Maine’s harsh winters. TDI™/SDI™/ERDI™ provide the best in scuba dive instruction support for its members, allowing its Pro Members to prepare divers of all ages and ability to get involved and certified appropriately regardless of their personal interests. This includes up to date training solutions for technical divers and public safety divers.

Moving to one of the worlds internationally best recognized diving locations also enables TDI™/SDI™/ERDI™ “open door policy” to connect more frequently with all of its members and partners as well as the growing global dive community when they visit Florida. The state provides the perfect setting to provide the superior level of service that members have come to expect from the committed Staff of TDI™/SDI™/ERDI™.

So as you get ready to plan your next Florida trip, maybe DEMA, make it a point to visit and take a quick tour of YOUR new headquarters.

Make plans to visit the new headquarters:
1045 NE Industrial Blvd
Jensen Beach, FL 34957


Originally formed in 1994 in Florida as Technical Diving International™ (TDI), the group of training agencies known as Scuba Diving International™ (SDI), Technical Diving International™ (TDI) and Emergency Response Diving International™ (ERDI) are now recognized in the diving industry as one of the largest certification group of agencies in the world. With 25 regional offices servicing more than 110 countries, the company continues to expand and grow offering superior educational and dive and safety support to divers across the globe.

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