Mark Powell Joins SDI/TDI/ERDI Training Advisory Panel

mark-powellInternational Training is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Powell as a member of the Training Advisory Panel. A well respected TDI/SDI Instructor-Trainer with vast experience in all aspects of SCUBA diving, Mark is also the award winning author of Deco For Divers.

He is extremely active within the UK, Europe and the Middle East and regularly speaks at Dive Shows on topics such as Decompression Theory, Safety and Accident Avoidance.

His contributions to reviewing training standards and materials are noteworthy and he has provided invaluable input to the development of new programs, including the new Decompression Procedures manual He is a regular contributor of Sport Diver UK and X-Ray Magazines. Mark represents TDI on both the British Diving Safety Group (BDSG) and the HSE Recreational Diving Industry Committee. He is also a member of the Diver Training and Breathing Apparatus committees at the British Standards Institute.

Mark’s passion is wreck diving and he spends all his spare time diving the wrecks around the coastline of the UK and abroad. He has led expeditions to a wide range of locations around the world. Currently, he is involved in a number of projects, including documenting the wreck of HMS Hermes, the world’s first custom aircraft carrier, as well as searching for the other wrecks that sank around the same time as HMS Hermes. He is also involved in an ongoing project in Malta to identify a number of unknown Second World War wrecks.

The Training Advisory Panel (TAP) is charged with the responsibility of helping to develop, maintain, and enforce the training standards and educational materials used by divers and instructors teaching for and receiving training through, SDI, TDI and ERDI. The members of TAP are dive industry professionals who have widely recognized experience as divers, dive educators, explorers, authors and photographers. They are often involved in assisting and staffing Instructor Training Workshops and frequently represent International Training at Trade and Consumer shows.

Mark Powell
Phone: +44 7770 864327

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