Maximize Your Investment on Tradeshow Attendance

With DEMA just around the “planning corner” put some of these ideas to use and reduce “show stress”

We are all guilty of it – we head to a trade show with the best of intentions only to return home disappointed that we did not get everything accomplished we had “planned on our mental list!”

It’s hard to break old habits, but unless you start right now, you never will. Apply a few of these simple steps and see how they work out for you.

  1. With DEMA in early November, you should have made your travel arrangements including whether you’re traveling by land or air, hotel reservations, rental vehicles, shuttles etc.
  2. Be proactive and start today to lay out your strategic plan for the show. Call those you want to see and make appointments now. Chances are their calendars will be more flexible the earlier you call.
  3. When making an appointment, be specific as to the points you need to address and solve during your visit. For maximum effectiveness, try to keep it to less than three.
  4. Prepare a file for each appointment so that you’ll have all that you’ll need right at your fingertips.
  5. Carry only the files to be used each day.
  6. Stay focused and on schedule. Remember to be realistic as to your time allotments.
  7. Make your plans with a floor plan in front of you so that you can strategically move through the floor. Avoid using the ping pong approach – concentrate your efforts by “floor sections.”
  8. Allow some time, preferably daily, to explore the floor (systematically) for new business opportunities.
  9. Avoid the danger of not feeding your body – both physically and mentally – by scheduling nourishment for both. Make sure you take the time to schedule seminars just like appointments.
  10. As you meet and greet, ask the proverbial “what’s new at the show?” or “what have you seen that is of interest?” Friends will often find the hidden treasures for you.

The most important thing is to GET STARTED NOW.

Make SDI TDI ERDI part of your plans and please honor us with your visit.

Contact your Regional Manager today or contact to make SDI TDI ERDI plans.

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