May 2009 Professional eNewsletter

Welcome to your May eNewsletter and we have a lot of news to share with you. Firstly, reaction to some of the changes we are making to Diving Adventure Magazine has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks a lot for your support and please keep the story ideas and suggestions for features coming. Nestor’s regular column in this issue explains some of those changes and the opportunities theses changes will bring. There’s also a message from "the chief," Brian Carney, a couple of business-related articles we hope you enjoy, and of course our regular report on click-throughs from the last issue of Dive Log.
So, sit back and enjoy! And if you have any suggestions, comments or ideas, PLEASE drop me an email –
Steve Lewis




TDI Free Nitrox Tank Wrap Campaign is on-track to double last year’s success

It may be the economy, it may just be luck, but response to the business booster nitrox campaign is twice what it was last year… and the even better news is that around 30 percent of respondents are NOT nitrox certified… yet!

Brian says thank you to members and has a message about new product

Group President, Brian Carney is thinking about diving and two new manuals in the TDI library

Intro-to-Tech will make your life easier

Making this popular TDI course work for you and future training

The road trip continues…

Come out and see us at the Long Beach Dive Expo May 30, 31


Responding to Market Shifts… good business practice

Nestor Palmero looks at the changes that are taking place in the world of online communications

Dive Clickers for May Issue

We had the best readership response ever for the May 1 diver’s eNewsletter…find out what interests your customers


The Biggest Challenge…

It might surprise you to learn what customers see as the biggest problem in business



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