Over the last 10 years SDI/TDI/ERDI has seen tremendous growth throughout the world.   Traditionally the company was set up with two staff that oversaw business development, Cris Merz working with the field representatives looking over the America’s and Paul Montgomery working with the Regional Offices internationally.   Due to our growth outside of the United States, we recently decided to expand the staff working with Paul, by adding Jordan Greene, an experienced member of the staff, and Mark Powell, a long time IT for SDI/TDI/ERDI from the UK.   

This change, along with recently promoting Stephanie Miele to Chief Operating Officer to oversee the Training / Membership Services department, will allow us to maintain the customer service our members have come to enjoy.   

Mark brings with him a wealth of experience as a successful author, presenter and Instructor Trainer Evaluator.  In previous professions, prior to immersing himself in the diving industry, he was involved in business development, strategy and corporate training.  Jordan and Mark will be traveling throughout the world assisting our regional offices with their members and divers.  To learn more about Mark click here.

Please join us in welcoming Mark Powell.  

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