Message from the President

By Brian Carney

Well it’s May and I can finally say with some conviction that the final traces of snow have left Maine and things are looking decidedly green… in fact one of the things now visible is the grass, which I had to cut last week. Unfortunately, it needs doing again!

Something else that turned up after the winter left us here in Topsham were my doubles. They are currently resting against my workbench crying out for a VIP and an opportunity to go do some serious diving. Perhaps it’s just me, but they look heavy. During the winter, Steph and I have been busy with Jack, the newest member of the team here at Headquarters. He is five months in a couple of weeks. And it may be because of that preoccupation that I did not notice before, but I see a lot of the staff walking around in CCRs these days… I know they’re lighter. Humm, perhaps I should look into getting a new rebreather.

Jack’s arrival and a gentle switch from Open Circuit to Closed among the staff here at HQ are not the only changes we’ve seen. You may have noticed that we have launched a couple of new titles in the Technical Diving International™ library this year with more to come.

Back at the end of March, we brought out a completely new, fully supported student manual for Overhead Environment Cavern and Cave, which included teaching aids and instructor guide. It is quite probably the most thorough manual written on the subject, and features chapters on modern gear and techniques for meeting the special challenges of overhead diving.

Then just last week, we start shipping the new Advanced Nitrox manual and its support materials. Technically this is not a new title for us but it is a total rewrite of the original text penned back in 2000. It too is profusely illustrated and takes an up-to-date tour of the topics that need to be discussed and understood if divers intend to use nitrox mixes with more than 40 percent oxygen content.

And speaking of CCRs, not only can I see a big tub of scrubber material outside Lewis’s office, but I need to remind you that we working on some revamped outlines and standards for Closed-Circuit Rebreathers that we hope will make your courses even more saleable in today’s market.

Without a doubt, I need to get in the water, BUT I also need to thank all of you for your ongoing support. And please remember, that if you have any issues that you want to discuss with me directly, I am only a phone call away. 

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