NEW and Exciting Communication Changes at SDI/ TDI / ERDI

How we communicate as consumers and businesses has changed dramatically in the past few years. From email newsletters to Facebook most of us are online and connected every moment of the day. Except when we’re diving! Today our expectations are elevated and we understand this at SDI/ TDI / ERDI. For this reason we have some exciting new changes.

Email Communication Changes

Over the next month you will receive more focused email communication than before. It’s important that in a digital age where so many of us are bombarded with email you receive what’s of “real value” to you. We now have 4 eblasts and you can decide whether you want to receive 1, 2, 3, or all 4.


New Email Breakdowns:

Member eBlast: The first is our member eblast for everyone who is a part of the ITI community. This eblast will inform you as business owners and dive professionals / trainers of updates here at ITI and support you with industry news, advice and more.

SDI Scuba News: This eblast is for everyone who is interested in diving. This newsletter will give our readers updates on courses, equipment and training tips, just to name a few.

TDI Technical Diving News: Yes you guessed it this eblast will be focused on the more technical side of diving. It too will have updates on courses, equipment and new advances specifically for the technical diver.

ERDI Public Safety Diving News: From techniques and equipment to fundraising and community awareness the needs of our ERDI audience are much different. This eblast will target the issues most needed for the Public Safety Diver.

Social Media:

We know not everyone is involved in social media today, but for those of you who are we are excited to announce the re-launch of our Twitter initiative and the new launch of our official SDI, TDI and ERDI Facebook Pages. Just like our newsletters we want to help share with those who are just like you, and let’s face it when you want to talk tech or safety you need to be around others who get it. Here are the 3 new Facebook Pages “Like” 1 or all. We’ll be focusing our posts based on the page members and we want you to feel free to share everything with us. Already we’ve had some exciting conversations stop by and see what our fans are sharing:




For those of you who are not on Facebook, don’t worry because these are pages you can follow the conversation as well. Click on any of the links to see for yourself. To join the conversations you will need to be a Facebook member, but if you just can’t make the leap don’t get left out.

Our new Twitter name is @SDITDIERDI and you can follow us at again you don’t have to be on Twitter to watch the conversation, but if you are please follow us and share your thoughts, pictures, links and videos with us.

We hope you “Like” how we’re extending our communication tools and look forward to your feedback where it is most comfortable for you.



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