SDI Digital Certification

New Digital Certification Cards

SDI/TDI/ERDI divers and instructors can now access a digital version of their certification cards directly from our website.  Through a simple login process at card holders can download their certification card directly to their devices and keep it with them in digital format wherever they go.

Once logged into our website, you will also notice we have given our admin dashboard a face lift; putting the tools you use most right at your fingertips.  This is just another way International Training is making our diver’s and instructors user experience better.

Yes!  I want my digital certification card.

Below are screen shots taken from 4 different login levels (Diver, Divemaster, Instructor and Instructor Trainer)

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11 回复
  1. Frank Casi
    Frank Casi says:

    I have just completed Deep Diver Course on 15Sep17 here in philippines. When will be my actual and digital C-Card be available for viewing and download?

    • brittany hadfield
      brittany hadfield says:

      Hi Frank,

      Our digital certification cards are available in a diver’s profile as soon as their registration is processed via our website! If you aren’t seeing yours, then we would recommend speaking with your instructor or facility to inquire about the registration status. You can also communicate with your regional office ( for further support. Feel free to contact us back with any additional questions or concerns!

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    Do you still ship plastic cards, My digital cards have been available for over a month but as yet haven’t received any physical cards.

    • Kevin
      Kevin says:

      My dive center prints and issues the cards. I thought this was the case for all TDI/SDI dive centers. Perhaps you should check with yours.





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