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…with VIPs from around the Globe

As many were making last minute preparations to attend or, in our case, exhibit at DEMA 2011, another important event was taking place simultaneously in the freshly painted and newly occupied World Headquarters for International Training (IT) located in Jensen Beach Florida, the parent organization of SDI/TDI/ERDI.

The Global Sales Meeting (GSM) was well attended by many of the key Regional Offices (RO) that makes up the International Training Network, serving some 110 countries from 28 RO facilities.

The meetings focused on the continued rapid growth of the organization and the drive to maintain the personalized service the agencies are known for regardless of geographic location. The venue also gave the Team an opportunity to have discussions in a relaxed and informal “after hours” atmosphere. Paul Montgomery, International Training’s Director stated to the group, “A special thanks for the commitment and support you show by making the event so well attended.

Conference Room
The meeting ran the full gamut of operational information, but a large portion was spent introducing and training the RO key personnel to operate and navigate the new features found in the all new site. Brian Carney, group President stated an important reminder that we all must heed, “While our Associate Members may be viewing what appears to be only an exciting new website, we must all remember that within the inner workings what we have is a dynamic and evolving powerful program that we will continue to update and improve. What you are seeing is version 1.1, and it will continue to evolve very quickly for some time to come.

One of the most welcomed new additions to the website is the vast improvement to the e-learning platform. The addition of TDI onLine courses are a BIG hit with members and non-members alike. We are confident that Pro-Membership ranks will grow as a direct result of the new educational offerings.

Special thanks given to all ROs for their participation.

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