New Instructor Trainers From Pre-DEMA ITW

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The recent pre-DEMA Instructor Trainer Workshop hosted by Dayo SCUBA in Winter Park near Orlando, produced nine IT graduates. The program ran from October 25th – 31st and was conducted by Steve Moore from the HQ Training Department.

This was a truly ‘international’ program for International Training with candidates from around the world. Graduates were: Daisuke ‘Dai’ Kato (Japan), Mark Powell (United Kingdom), Carlos ‘Thumbs Up’ Cardiel (Mexico), Ilan Berkovich and Joshua ‘Chopper’ Lewis (Israel), Peter Friedman, Denise Byrne-Johnson, Mark McAlpin and Didier Follain-Grisell (USA). Even two of the USA residents (Didier and Denise) are actually from France and Ireland originally. With Wally Barnes (originally from Puerto Rico and now living in the USA) attending for an IT update and Steve Moore, the course instructor being a Brit from Canada, the mix of nationalities and an unusually large course made for a very interesting week indeed.

Dai Kato does not speak English and successfully completed the course using three interpreters, who between them did a great job of simultaneous translation. We did find, though, that underwater everyone seemed to be fluent enough in Japanese to get by without the interpreters.

Many ITW candidates may claim to have sweated blood during the course (they’d be fibbing though – it’s not that brutal…) but it’s doubtful they would have donated as much to the mosquito population as the candidates on this program.

Alexander Springs was the venue for one of the ‘wet’ sessions and the course arrived to find the area was already occupied by huge swarms of nasty biting beasties who thought breakfast had arrived. Even the alligators had gone to hide elsewhere that day. Ilan and Joshua introduced everyone to a traditional Israeli fly-dance in which they leapt about screaming whilst slapping their bodies all over with dive slates. Very entertaining, but poor Josh almost needed a blood transfusion by the time the beasties had finished feasting on him. Afterwards, it was discovered that blood does come off dive slates quite easily without the aid of detergent, should anyone be interested!

A hard working week ended successfully with everyone gaining the rating of Instructor Trainer.

Special thanks go to Denise, Peter and TJ from Dayo SCUBA for very kindly hosting the program and looking after everyone extremely well. A big thanks to Wally, too. His input was a great enhancement to the course.

The Instructor Trainer Rating is International Training’s highest teaching level, and the program focuses on development of evaluation techniques in the classroom, confined water and open water. Presentation ability and skill demonstrations at instructor trainer quality are also assessed throughout the program.

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may teach instructor level courses for all approved SDI, TDI and ERDI levels, including conducting the IEC portion of the SDI Open Water SCUBA Diver Instructor Course. The course is intensive and challenging but very rewarding. International Training adopts a friendly, informal approach to the ITW and encourages a relaxed atmosphere throughout the program but also expects that all candidates will work hard to meet the challenges of the agency’s highest level of leadership training.

Anyone wishing to receive further information about the future ITW programs should contact the HQ Training Department via

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