New Regional Manager in Mexico and Central America

Please welcome Jose (Pepe) Mastache to the SDI/TDI Team.  Due to the incredible growth that we have experienced in this region, SDI/TDI is bringing on board Pepe to assist with servicing our retailers and members locally as well as business development.  His territory will include Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala.

Located in Playa del Carmen, Pepe has been a dive professional since 2004 and working in sales as regional manager for Aqualung since 20I4. He is also part of the Apeks Tech Team and has worked for local distributors for Mares and Tusa. Pepe will be able to bring excellent customer support and service to a local level.

“I´m really excited about working with SDI/TDI, because being part of a leading, innovative company who thinks outside the box, but also really cares about its customers is my way I00%.  One of my biggest goals is that dive centers and professionals alike, understand that it’s not always a huge company can provide high quality services and  support. With us being a smaller company, we can offer a more personalized service and above all, your growth is our growth.”

Cris Merz, VP of America Sales stated, “We are very excited to have someone like Pepe represent us in this region.  He has been very successful with what he has done, everybody has great things to say about him and I believe he will be a great addition to our sales force.”  Merz added, “We always want to ensure that our team of regional managers follows our business philosophy of always putting the dealer first.  We make money after your make money…it’s that simple.  Our job is to help you grow.  Pepe can do that.”

Please welcome Pepe at
+52 (984)-114-8933

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