New Regional Manager and Representative for the Northeast

SDI-TDI-ERDI are excited to announce the addition of Joe Stellini and Mike Williams to International Training’s sales force to service the growing needs of the northeast region of the United States.

Joe Stellini

JoeJoe Stellini started his career as a diver in Southeast Michigan in 1995, at the age of 21. Six years later, he started his professional career as a Dive Master under Scuba Diving International. By 2003, he owned and managed a Dive Center in Dearborn Heights, MI. It wasn’t until 2006, when Oceanic offered him a position in the Northeast U.S., that Joe moved to New York to expand on his career within the Scuba Diving industry. As an independent representative for American Underwater Products (Oceanic, AERIS, Hollis, LavaCore, Ocean Pro), Joe created Core Aquatics, under which he expanded business in the Northeast with other accessory companies like JBL Spear guns and Innovative Scuba Concepts. In January 2011, Joe took Core Aquatics to the next level, and partnered with Michael Williams of Somerville, MA to help provide better service to both the dive centers and divers in the New England region.

Michael Williams

MikeMichael Williams started diving at the early age of 13, in 1998. His passion for diving took hold and by the year 2000 Mike obtained his Rescue Diver certification. He started his professional career in diving in 2007 when he took the position as a sales manager at a dive center in Massachusetts. In 2008, he upgraded his certification to Dive Master, and continued to manage the dive shop until 2009. After a brief leave from working within the dive industry, Mike joined Core Aquatics in 2011 as the sales representative for the New England area, where he has helped tremendously in managing the sales and service of the Core Aquatics brands with a new, youthful energy and a hands on approach.

Now, a year and a half later, Joe and Mike are taking Core Aquatics to the next level by partnering with TDI/SDI/ERDI as the Regional Account Managers and Representatives. Being more involved in the training aspect of the dive industry has always been a goal, and working with International Training will definitely help with educating dive centers on the benefits of working with TDI/SDI/ERDI and with the development of their own training to better serve the divers of the Northeast/New England Regions.

Cris Merz, Vice-President of Sales stated; “They are the perfect fit for our growing numbers in the region. They not only know the people, theyt have a great pulse for the obstacles the region faces in the scuba industry and we feel that they are the team that could assist our members in getting them to the next level as far as customer service, training and education go.” Merz added, “They have had the drive and the excitement that we need and this fits in perfectly into our business model at SDI-TDI-ERDi.”

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