New Scuba Discovery Slates Are Here!

With all the promos and deals going on, Scuba Discovery is one of the key methods that Dive Centers use in order to lock down their future Open Water students. Scuba Discovery allows instructors to give potential customers a taste of the incredible world of scuba diving by sampling gear in a swimming pool. Start this journey with your future divers with SDI’s brand new Scuba Discovery Slates and look like a scuba professional from day one.

The SDI Scuba Discovery Slates are in full color and made out of an extremely durable plastic. Indoors, or in the sun, these large 24” by 15” sized slates are very easy to follow when explaining the do’s and don’ts of scuba diving to your students. These slates are not only designed to look professional, but are also going to make your experience as an instructor a lot easier… and that means more fun. Follow the 21 slates through the program and you can be assured that you have covered everything that needs to be covered in order for your students to have an enjoyable and safe experience and become well informed Scuba Discovery participants.

Brian Carney, President of SDI-TDI-ERDi stated, “Members have been requesting this product from us for a very long time, and we listened, but we wanted to do these right and produce a large and legible sized flip chart that is in full color and extremely durable for all kinds of weather conditions.” Carney added, “We tested these slates in certain markets already and the feedback we received from our instructors in return was huge! We know our members are going to love this product.”

Start looking like a Pro right from the very beginning. This is a must have if you and your facility participate in Scuba Discoveries to entice those curious customers unto the world of scuba diving.

SDI’s Scuba Discovery slates will be available for a limited time only, so get yours today!

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