New SDI Scuba Discovery Brochure promotes diving, helps organize paperwork


Scuba Discovery is the simplest and least threatening entry-point for many consumers into the adventure of diving, and Scuba Diving International has just launched a new brochure to streamline the administration procedure and promotion of this winning SDI program.
SDI’s all new Scuba Discovery Brochure bundles the required liability waiver and medical form into a colorful and compact package. Its attractive tri-fold legal sized design (8.5 x 14 inches) has a section promoting next steps in the SDI Diver Education Process, as well.
“Scuba Discovery will be part of an ongoing SDI promotion throughout 2010,” explained Marketing Director, Steve Lewis. “So the launch of this new product fits into that initiative nicely. It has great visual appeal and is the most practical way of promoting Scuba Discovery – one of the most useful tools we have to recruit new divers – and of keeping the necessary paperwork in one place.”
The Scuba Discovery Brochures are ready to ship and can be ordered today using Product Number 250031. Individual instructor cost $1.25 per piece and your facility price will match or be less than this.
Contact customer services today at 1-207-729-4201


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