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Every year at this time, many of our Pro Members begin to call and ask what our plans are for next year and what they can expect for new products and new services. We know that at the roots of these inquiries lies the real question: where is my money best invested? Every year as Pro Members of our training agencies you have the choice to renew, and that choice can only be made by you. We think we have a lot to offer you in 2012, making the choice easier than ever.

International Training is composed of four major brands Scuba Diving International (SDI), Technical Diving International (TDI), Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) and Scuba Travel International (STI) – so what does this mean to you? You come to one source to fulfill yours and your customers’ training needs…one membership renewal, one competitive fee, one company and lots of options. With International Training’s host of business solutions, you and your customers will never outgrow what we have to offer.

International Training has shown time and time again that we are the innovators in the diving industry, dating back to 1994 with our groundbreaking TDI Nitrox program right up to today with a full suite of technical courses online. The addition of a public safety curriculum that is unparalleled by any other agency rounds out the training opportunities for instructors and facilities alike. So what do we have to offer in 2012? Consider our track record, and I would say you will not be disappointed.

For 2012 we have a lineup of new products and services we know you will enjoy and profit from. Without getting too specific, we have selected new TDI materials, some additional support materials for SDI and, not to be left out, we are going to introduce more “first ever” materials for ERDI. We also have an exciting year of new travel destinations to introduce. Our website will have additional services added as the year progresses providing you more tools to run your business and satisfy the needs of the customers that use your services. Our point of sale system (POS) will also be upgraded with more tracking information and interaction points with your customers.

And for all you facility owners or administrators, please do not forget to renew your facility as well. Enjoy all the benefits of being an active facility with one, two or all three of our agencies to maximize your center’s exposure, as well as full use of our online programs. Be sure to check out your facility’s new personal links for your site to reel in the students to your store 24/7. Do not forget that you will no longer need your facility username and password as facility administrators now have the power of one-stop business with their very own member login info. Manage your members, students, eLearning codes and much more.

But most importantly, your facility renewal is always FREE. Our business model does not believe in charging you to do business with us – that is our pleasure, and we are privileged that you’ve chosen SDI,TDI and ERDI to be YOUR agency of choice.

Please note: Pro Members that are outside the service area of our Worldwide HQ, please contact your Regional Office for renewal of your membership as well as Facility Renewal.

So what do you have to do to take advantage of all these exciting options? Log onto, click on “Member Tools”, then choose “Renew Membership” and follow the instructions. Not a computer person? No problem! The renewal form has already been mailed to you and you should receive it soon. Or just give us a call, and we would be happy to fax or email you a copy of the renewal form.

Reach out to us TODAY! Tel.888.778.9073 Fax. 877.436.7096

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