October dive log


Traveling with your habit… five quick tips to help you get the most from your scuba vacation

How’s the diving in your area now that summer has wrapped up?

Fall has truly arrived here in the Northeast. The leaves have changed color now and the days are getting shorter; and while local diving is still a reality for the avid wreck divers among us – fall really is the best time to dive the east coast as long as those pesky hurricanes stay out of our hood – October heralds the beginning of DIVE TRAVEL season for the majority of sport divers.

We thought it fitting to share some of the secrets and “professional tips” the crowd here at SDI, TDI Headquarters have learned in their globe-trotting dive adventures.

photo courtesy Stahlsac



First divers visit wreck of Portland in 400+ feet of water!


The steamship Portland was lost in the November, 1998 storm that sank more than 140 vessels and became known as the Portland Gale.
The Portland itself measured 291 feet in total length with a beam of 68 feet. It was built in 1889 by the New England Shipbuilding Company of Bath, just a few miles from TDI HQ! And the association continues as one of our IT’s Tom Huff, tells us about the first dives on what was one of New England’s largest and most luxurious side paddle wheel steamships.


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Titanic’s Last Secrets… get your autographed copy at DEMA

Brad Matsen’s new book Titanic’s Last Secrets: the further adventures of shadow divers John Chatterton and Richie Kohler is the hottest dive-related title to be released this season.

Both John and Richie will be at our booth at DEMA (149) signing and personalizing copies.
Need more details… then drop by the SDI, TDI, ERDI booth at the show and see a full schedule of appearances by two of the dive industry’s most well-known ambassadors. Can’t make it to Las Vegas later this month for DEMA… then pre-order your SIGNED copy NOW! But hurry, numbers are LIMITED and it’s FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!

When things go wrong, make sure you do right!

whoopsOnce again, we bring you a story from Diving Adventure Magazine, voted by readers the best diving travel magazine on the market today! This month’s article asks the question: What would you do if you surfaced only to find your ride back to port and a waiting meal, warm shower and cold refreshment GONE? Senior Editor Bret Gilliam has some answers and, in his usual inimitable style, spins a cautionary tale.

Bret’s article, is typical of the quality and content you’ll find in all the articles in Diving Adventure Magazine, which is now published four times a year.

Reading Diving Adventure Magazine is the next best thing to actually diving, so you may want to consider what you are missing by not subscribing!

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annie photoDiving for everyone in Southern California has something for everyone…     

For most people, a vacation in Southern California means wandering around small beach towns, theme parks and zoos, a trip to see the sites of Hollywood, and a spell appreciating freeway traffic. But for scuba divers, it’s a different story. This part of the country offers some of the most varied diving available.
Waters off this coast are cool – expect winter temperatures in the 50s – but the cooler water means wildlife in abundance. The cast includes wall to wall invertebrates, huge schools of bait fish that are as mesmerizing as they are beautiful, lots of large palagics, and the stars of the show for many, sea lions: the practical jokers of the marine mammal world.  And if critters are not your thing, Southern California boasts some fine and historic shipwrecks… accidental and, like the HMCS Yukon, a 366-foot long decommissioned Canadian destroyer sunk in 2000, intentional wrecks to boost the thriving fishing and diving tourism industry.


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Calling all leadership and industry professionals attending the DEMA Show 2008 in Las Vegas later this month. SDI, TDI and ERDI are sponsoring several workshops, seminars, instructor crossovers and instructor programs during the week of October 21 to 25. If you are attending the show but have not checked out what opportunities we have on offer, please click on the link below.

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