Open Letter From Your Insurance Broker


November 9, 2010
Brian Carney
ITI Holdings Inc.
18 Elm Street
Topsham, ME
Re: The SDI / TDI / ERDI Dive Insurance Program.
Please consider the following an open letter to you, your Staff and Members to help clarify our position and your members insurance coverage.
The Class Action Suit filed against PADI et al in October 2010 has caused a great deal of speculation regarding the various insurance products available to dive professionals. We would like to confirm the following for all interested parties:
  1. We take pride in our mandate to provide transparency and full disclosure in all of our insurance offerings.
  2. We have managed the SDI / TDI / ERDI sponsored program (see: since 1999, providing dive professionals, retailers, manufacturers and dive vessel operators with secure, legitimate coverage.
  3. Every individual insured has always received a full Policy, with all wordings attached. It may be more paper than you want, but it is the real policy with all of the attachments, every time.
  4. There are no “shared” deductibles.
  5. There are no “shared” per event limits. 
  6. There are no “shared” aggregate (yearly) limits.
  7. Each policy specifically lists the limits of coverage for that specific individual policy, and the applicable deductibles.
  8. All premium amounts are clearly identified on our quotes and on the policy declarations themselves. Taxes, fees and commissions are clearly stated as well.
  9. All premium is paid to the insurer to protect the insured. No premium is diverted to any other entity(s) whatsoever.
  10. Excess & Surplus lines taxes and filings are made by Willis in every State of domicile for each and every individual insured as required by law.
If you or any of your members have any questions at all about coverage under the SDI / TDI / ERDI program call us at 1-800-665-5252 or email us at for real answers to all of your questions. If any of your members are insured elsewhere, they may want to consider sending their broker the above noted list and asking them to confirm that they do the same.


Senior Vice President
Recreational Diving Programs
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