Polish IT earns surprise award…

This seems to be the time of year for awards, and this past month Andrzej G. Baciński, one of our senior ITs based in Poland, was attending the "Wind and Water" show in his home country. As he puts it, “To my great surprise on Sunday I was given a diploma as an award for my activities teaching diving for SDI and TDI.”
Polish IT earns surprise awardWe all like to get positive feedback on the job we do, and Andrzej (we call him Andy here in HQ), deserved the recognition he had earned for his work with the organization through 2010.
Here, in his own words, is his reaction:
“Indeed, this is a surprise. I knew I worked a lot of IDC/IECs, but had no idea that I was a top-performer in Poland.
“Teaching diving is the favorite part of my diving hobby. I am much happier when my student reaches his planned goal (if it is clearing his mask after tens of tries or if it is taking part in a serious tech dive), than if I would gain some record for myself. I am not an explorer type, but I love to prepare

people to be explorers.

“I am sure that with the increasing number of instructors, SDI will be more and more popular in Poland and I am glad I am a part of it. Most of the instructors I have trained are already experienced technical divers, so I expect this and next year to have a lot of work teaching them to become technical instructors.

“When I teach instructors I want them to be good educators, but I also spend a lot of time on teaching them how to be successful in a difficult market. I have been successfully running my own business for more than 18 years, so I have some experience to share with them. Every course I conduct is also a great

lesson for me. I love to teach and I love to learn. Even, as an Advanced Trimix Instructor-trainer believe there is still a lot of learning in front of me. There is a Polish expression – the more you enter the forest, the more trees you see.

Due to the climate conditions (cold water, bad visibility) a lot of Polish divers are diving doubles and dry suits and they are good divers. But often they have no idea about teaching methods. Teachers at school are often teaching "the old way" by reading a book loudly. So, I have a lot of work at IDCs to explain how it should be done before we even start talking about diving.

My personal idea is that I try not to teach students, but only instructor courses. This way, I am not competing with instructors that I used to teach. Of course, I do conduct some diver-level classes, but only if there is an instructor candidate who wants to intern and learn during the course. That philosophy gives a big trust to my candidates and it keeps them with me for next courses as well."

You can check out Andrezej’s website at www.baciodiving.pl
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