“I just received a kit that I didn’t order”

By Alan Cale

As a Facility Administrator, you are handling the entire day-to-day operations of your dive center. Scheduling classes, selling equipment, restocking product, and troubleshooting problems as they occur are just a few of your tasks!  So, what do you do when a package shows up with a diver kit that you didn’t order?

Don’t Panic!

The first thing you probably noticed was that the invoice in the box was full retail price.  “Our facility shouldn’t pay full retail,” is likely the initial thought running through your head.  Don’t worry, you didn’t pay full retail!  You didn’t pay for this at all, in fact we are giving you money! 

Take a look at the invoice and you should see a name, address, and email address in the description field after the name of the kit.  This is the contact information of the student that purchased this course from our website using your facility’s unique URL.

But wait, you said I got money for this?

You’re right!  We process these online sign-ups once a week after a student purchases from our website using your unique URL.  You will then receive a credit memo to reflect your share of this course.  Our shipping department will then ship you a kit for that student either to replace one you already gave them from the kits you may keep in store, or to give to the student if you didn’t already have that particular kit in stock.

What if I get a credit memo but not a kit?

Great question!  Even though we always advise the people we interact with to contact their local dive shop or instructor directly, sometimes the diver decides to purchase their eLearning directly from our store.  When this happens, they will get a course that is “unassigned” until they are prompted at the end to select a facility to complete training through.  Once they select your facility we send you notification of your share with a credit memo.

“But how do I use this credit,” you may be asking at this point.  You can use the credit for diver registrations, purchasing product, or you can even request a check of your credit balance to be sent to you at any time.

If you are still confused by this process please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to explain in more detail!

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