Renewal of First Dive Professional Liability Insurance for 2016

by Ryan Meyer:

It’s been a great year at Owl Underwriting Agency Inc. and First Dive.  After a delayed opening (and several heart palpitations for Peter and myself), we’re very pleased with the results we’ve seen.  Given some of the changes implemented in the program, we’re even happier with the comments and feedback we’ve received.  It has been and always is extremely refreshing to work with such a passionate group of people.

Renewal period rapidly approaching
Time really does fly and it’s odd to look at the date on our Outlook calendars and see the heavy June/July renewal period so rapidly approaching.  Rest assured, the team at First Dive has been working hard over the last year to ensure this renewal season is as efficient and (hopefully) painless as possible.  As we speak, emails are going out reminding our current insured’s about the pending renewals.  Links contained in these emails will allow customers to quickly update their applications online and submit to us at the touch of a button.  We think you’ll all be very pleased with the ease of the process.

A competitive option
For those of you who haven’t placed their insurance with First Dive, I just wanted to let you know that we are a competitive option when it comes to your instructor, facility or vessel insurance.  With strong backing from Lloyd’s of London and a staff with over 140 years of combined experience in both the diving and insurance fields, we’re ready to prove that we strive to be the best every day of the week.  If you’re interested in a quote you can visit for US Professionals or for Canadian Professionals.

Welcome Samera McGourty
Finally, we also wanted to take the time to announce the hiring of Samera McGourty at First Dive.  She will be working on the First Dive accounts as well as fostering relationships on our P&C product offering available in Canada.  Samera brings twelve years of industry experience (making the combined totals above look even more grandiose) and a tireless work ethic.  First Dive have had a long time working relationship with Samera in previous jobs and consider her hiring a massive win for the company.  Over the next few months, I’m sure those of you dealing with her will feel the same.

For more information about First Dive Professional Liability Insurance

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