SCUBA DISCOVERY: Recognition Cards now available

Scuba Discovery card now available from SDIScuba Diving International announces the ability for Dive Centers to issue Scuba Discovery recognition cards for any students completing a resort style course.    What makes this program exciting, is all the registrations will be printed in a special recognition card, promoting the Underwater Museum in Cancun, Mexico (Museo Subacuatico de Arte). Also, a portion of the money collected from registrations will be put towards the protection of our marine environment, through support of programs, such as the Underwater Museum. 
Announcing the new cards and the marine protection program, SDI president Brian Carney said: “For a long time I have wanted to come up with a program that builds resources to help support Marine Awareness type programs. This program is just the start of other programs we have slated for the future, but as they say, the first step is always the hardest, and I am happy we are on our way.” 
Here is how it works.
Using the normal registration procedure for registering students, simply apply for the card when the course is completed, using either online registration or paper registration procedures.
For anyone using the online registration, the course name will automatically come up in the drop down list.
The program will be available to all SDI instructors around the world, thus promoting the Underwater Museum (MUSE) worldwide.
Carney explained that divers appreciate earning any type of card. “And cards such as this new Scuba Discovery Recognition Card are the number one marketing tool in the industry because everyone always keeps their cards and shows them to their friends!”
He concluded by appealing for feedback from SDI members everywhere. “Please let me know your thoughts and comments at  I would greatly appreciate it.”

The cost for the card will be similar to existing certification costs. Cards are in stock and shipping now.

For additional information about MUSE visit:

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