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STI in-store, no-hassle dive travel program better than ever
Dive travel has always been a vital source of revenue for dive retailers, while also helping them to cement a strong relationship with their customers. But it has often also been the source of frustration for the dive industry, to the point where some stores had all but cut out their dive travel programs.
The launch of STI, the affiliated dive travel arm of Scuba Diving International, helped reverse that trend by fulfilling two important promises that no other agency sanctioned, facility based programs could.
“We started STI because there was nothing quite like it available to our core retail partners, the average scuba facility,” explained Brian Carney, president of SDI, TDI and ERDI.
“We needed to be able to promise and promote a strict NO poaching policy. With some of the pre-existing travel programs, a retailer stood in jeopardy of sending his customers away on a dive vacation and losing them as customers. STI is set up in such a way that ALL communications with a customer from a member facility is done THROUGH that facility. This is exactly in keeping with the SDI philosophy of staying in the background and simply helping to build the bond between our customers and their divers.”
Carney said that the second promise from STI is being able to deliver Dependable Value-Driven Vacations with zero fuss. “Dive travel can be a complicated sell and demand expert attention to detail for there to be ANY money in the prospect, and few dive retailers can afford to have an in-house travel specialist. We structured STI to become a sort of travel-guru solution for SDI members, capable of providing knowledgeable customer support for the cost of a phone call.”
STI personnel, Carney explained, have years of experience working with retailers, and a track record of providing an excellent travel experience for customers.
“STI truly is a turn-key operation that we have refined since its launch and specifically with some internal realignment over the past couple of months. The service is better than ever, the options more comprehensive, and the promises deeper than ever.
“As a member of SDI you and your customers are able to enjoy the full benefits of STI service. Whether your customers are looking for a warm-water spot to finish up their open-water training, or an exotic get-away to the other side of the world, the STI promise holds true: Great service, the best value, no-poaching, no equipment sales or promotions, and of course satisfaction knowing it is YOUR brand and not ours, getting the credit.”
Scuba Travel International is proudly operated in conjunction with Ultimate Dive Travel and Ken Scarbrough . For more information, please call 888-778-9073 or email


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