Scuba Travel International releases two new destinations for 2010 season

How does diving some of the most popular dive sites in the world from the comfort of a floating resort sound? What about a trip to an undisturbed paradise where the topside activities will be as memorable as the diving. Sounds awfully exotic but both destinations are in the Caribbean and newly launched for March 20-27, 2010 by Scuba Travel International™.


Trip one is a live-aboard experience on the beautiful 110-foot Aggressor yacht on the western hemi-sphere’s longest reef off the coast of Belize.  Divers will have opportunities to log bottom time on sites such as the Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye Wall. This area is famous for a huge variety of marine creatures like moray eels, spiny lobsters, and giant grouper.  One of the most beautiful experiences is an early morning dive watching the sun come up and eagle rays gracefully cruising along the reef wall. 


The land-based trip is to Dominica, home to the largest and most intact oceanic rainforests in the Caribbean, and has a reputation as one of the leading eco-destinations for divers and bubble-watchers alike.


Surface intervals can be spent soaking in a natural hot spring at the base of a 200-foot waterfall or hiking through the lush rain-forest checking out the wildlife. Below water you can explore submerged volcanic craters and observe a brilliant array of marine life including crinoids, anemones, blue chromis, creole wrasse, blackbar soldierfish and you may even catch a glimpse of a seahorse or a frogfish nestled among the barrel sponges and gorgonians.


These fully guided trips are available and booking now. To secure your spots, contact your local Scuba Diving International dive center and ask about the NEW STI Caribbean Adventures for March 2010.

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