STI ImageIt is a proven fact that offering dive travel keeps your clients more active in your store.  Every time a person signs up for a trip you have an opportunity to sell them more gear, service their gear or offer them more training. At the very least it keeps them loyal to your store.  If you are not offering your customers opportunities to travel they will find opportunities elsewhere.  Why not get a piece of this business?


It’s simple!  Just go to, click on the dive store programs page.  Contact Scuba Travel International for the user name and password which will get you access to all the group trips offered in this program. Choose any or all trips that you want to market, download the customizable trip brochure, add you store’s contact information and start selling!  Each time you sell a trip contact Scuba Travel International and send us the money collected from your client.  After the client travels we will send you a commission check.


The trips are packaged to include accommodations and diving and in some cases airfare.  For specific quotes on airfare from your point of departure contact STI. Each trip is escorted by a professional group leader with extensive experience leading groups around the globe.  Our group leaders work very hard to make you look good to your clients encouraging repeat business.  If you sell enough spaces on any given trip you have the option to send your own group leader as well.



There are many advantages to the dive store or instructor, the biggest being that you have no out of pocket expense until you have collected money from your client!  Imagine having products on your showroom floor that you paid nothing for.  Each time you sell one of these products you make money.  This program allows you to have virtually an unlimited supply of products to sell with no money tied up in inventory.  Everything is done for you; all you have to do is sell the trips! 


Scuba Travel International is there you support you in any way possible.  We have over 25 years of experience selling group travel and are happy to share our knowledge with any participating store.  We will gladly provide sales training, marketing materials and destination information.  Our highly trained professionals are available to make sure you succeed.


So pick up the phone and give us a call today to get started!  Scuba Travel International 888.778.9073.

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