SDI Snorkeler: Why this eLearning course is one you need to look at carefully as a dive center

We designed the SDI Snorkeler program with one thing in mind. This is, to generate more business by making sales and capturing qualified leads.

Did you know there are approximately three million scuba divers in the USA and six million worldwide? This is according to a 2018 survey from the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. However, with snorkeling, the number of participants grows to eleven million in the USA and around 20 million worldwide. This is almost three times as many.

So, what are we doing to market to those 20 million snorkelers?

Snorkeling is a fun sport the whole family can easily enjoy.  There is more to snorkeling than just pretty fish and beautiful corals. You can snorkel with pigs in the Bahamas, penguins in Galapagos and whale sharks in Isla Mujeres. The concept is simple. You put the tube in your mouth and breathe. Below you, a beautiful underwater world and a magical ecosystem unfolds.

Easy, right? Not really.

There are tips and pointers which can make snorkeling a better experience. The video-based SDI Snorkeler eLearning course provides these. It helps make the experience of snorkeling more awesome. Among the topics covered:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Physiology
  • Proper equipment use
  • Environmental conditions
  • Marine life

The more people enjoy snorkeling, the more they will want to do it again. Many will want to take the next step, freediving or scuba diving.

What should you do with this course?

Offer the SDI Snorkeler eLearning course to anyone who buys a mask, fins and snorkel. The suggested retail is just US$4.99. It doesn’t matter if they have any interest in scuba. The course will make them better snorkelers. This is something you know they want.

The SDI Snorkeler eLearning course can act as a profit center and a qualified lead generator. Here’s how:

  • Add anyone who takes the Snorkeler course to your customer database. Flag them as snorkelers.
  • Reach out to them no more than three to six months later. Ask if they enjoyed the course and how they used it.
  • Invite them to spend time in the pool with an instructor, polishing their skills.
  • Tell them about upcoming Scuba Discovery experiences. If they enjoy snorkeling, they will probably enjoy this.
  • They may also want to jump right into an SDI Open Water Diver course or PFI Freediver course.
  • Encourage them to invite friends and family.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities the SDI Snorkeler course provides. As an SDI Instructor or Dive Center, you can get a free eLearning code and sample this program yourself. Just contact World HQ or your Regional Manager or Regional Office.

Build the cost of eLearning into your snorkeling equipment sales or make it an add-on sale. But don’t wait. Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, summer is just around the corner. This is snorkeling season almost everywhere. It provides the opportunity to generate leads and make immediate and future sales.

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