SDI TDI & ERDI Introduce “HOW TO” on YouTube

youtube-scuba-divingThough you may have recently read a similar article, it’s important that you read on… because what you may have read was in an SDI™ Associate Member Newsletter and this is for you, the Pro Member. See if you can tell the difference!

If you have recently visited our NEW and we believe BETTER and IMPROVED you have seen a myriad of new features that lead to GREAT opportunities. So since our Pro Members and Facilities have been fielding questions from Associate Members just like you, we decided to make using the site even easier than before. Although we have already built an extensive help section on the website, we recognize that videos are easier to follow for many, while reading is best for others, so now you both have it your way… hold the lettuce!

Visit and check out our first few shots…well, first to you that is!

We will be developing multiple videos over the coming weeks, so keep checking back to see what has been updated.

Here are some other videos we hope to develop soon:

Here are a few we are currently working on for Associate Members and site visitors

  1. How to get started with my eLearning course – both by using an access code and without using an access code
  2. How to adjust my settings when using IE 8 or 9 to use the site
  3. How to get a replacement card
  4. How to verify my dive credentials
  5. How to send feedback to the site
  6. How to find a dive center
  7. How to sign up for an additional eLearning course
  8. How do I update my profile
  9. How do I affiliate or un-affiliate with a Dive Center

Here are a few we are currently working on for your Dive Center

  1. How to register a diver and print a card in my store
  2. How to register a diver
  3. How to renew my membership

Here are a few we are currently working on for Pro Members like you

  1. How to register a diver
  2. How to renew my membership

Let us hear back from you at and tell us what you would like to see next. After all by now you must realize… special orders don’t upset us!

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