SDI-TDI-ERDI Newsletter: Expanding Your Customer’s Interest One Article at a Time

What are your divers reading and how can you take advantage of this?

Dear dive center retailer,

You may have noticed a recent trend with our stories over the last few months. The stories in all of our three agencies newsletters have been carefully laid out with a theme in mind. In efforts to keep up the interest in a particular topic, we felt the need to maintain consistency in our stories to strengthen the reader’s interest based on a study on related industry internet searches.

“What do our subscribers want to read about?” asked Darren Pace, Marketing Director for SDI-TDI-ERDi. “If we can draw interest and initiate conversations through our marketing, then we have tapped into an audience that is already asking the questions.”

But how does this benefit you, the dive professional? By focusing on particular topics most sought out on the web, we are providing the answers to the questions that divers are asking most. Pace added, “It is our intent to make a difference whenever we write an article, with the end result being a diver walking into a dive center as an informed consumer and one ready to take the next step with equipment purchases or training.”

As a heads up, our next theme will be “Trouble in the Water.” According, to Google, this theme generates upwards of 100,000 search queries each month. SDI’s newsletter will include articles on air management, the benefits of an SDI Rescue Diver Course and stress and diving. TDI’s newsletter will follow the week after, with great articles on TDI’s Intro to Tech, gas management (Part II to SDI air management article) and the differences between sport and technical rescue cases. ERDI’s newsletter will close out the theme one week later with articles on air tracking, swift water rescue and the importance of
“back up” in a rescue scenario.

So be prepared to see some interest on these key points over the next month. And don’t be shy; we encourage you to share these articles with your customers as well. Help them become better divers, as well as better informed consumers. Hopefully, after sharing, you may just get that couple come in asking about the SDI Rescue Diver course available before their trip to Bonaire in a couple of months.

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  1. Patric Nichols
    Patric Nichols says:

    This is great work. The last series of deep articles tied right into my deep class in progress and the next series will bolster my efforts to get more of our divers to take the rescue course. What a great idea and quality execution.


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