SDI-TDI-ERDI Newsletters: Expanding Your Customer’s Interest One Article at a Time – SOLO DIVING

Solo-DivingAccording to Wikipedia, “Solo diving, once discouraged, is now (since the late 1990s) beginning to gain acceptance among experienced divers who have skills in self-sufficiency and redundant backup equipment.”

For these divers, and for the buddy divers who want the self-sufficiency that solo diving allows, we are preparing a slew of articles this month that will shed some light on the controversial dive topic… Solo Diver.

Accompanying this article will be a piece about “Marketing your Solo Diver Course” for our instructors and facilities. We will help point out some of the methods we have experienced that have allowed this course to grow in our organization.

For our SDI facilities, we have prepared articles about:

  • What makes a solo diver
  • Risk management

For our TDI facilities we are preparing articles about:

  • When solo diving is not appropriate
  • The self reliant diver, capable, but still diving with a buddy.

And we will wrap up the month with ERDI articles about:

  • What being self-sufficient means for divers
  • Far from alone
  • When you don’t dive alone

So be prepared and get ready to see some interest on these key points regarding solo diving over the next month. And don’t be shy; we encourage you to share these articles with your customers as well. Help them become a better diver, as well as a more informed consumer.

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