SDI-TDI-ERDI Newsletters: Expanding Your Customer’s Interest One Article at a Time

Last month we discussed “Trouble in the Water,” including articles about Air Management, being a self reliant diver, the difference of sport and tech rescue and the importance of a back up diver. We hope you and your divers found this to be helpful and educational.

This month we will be talking about “Night Diving and Limited Visibility”. This month’s theme also generates in upwards of 100,000 search queries each month, according to Google. Some of the articles will we are publishing include: The Beauty of Night Diving, Never Get Lost, Night Diving with SSA, and Choosing Your Equipment for a Night Dive, to name a few.

So be prepared and get ready to see some interest on these key points over the next month. And don’t be shy; we encourage you to share these articles with your customers as well. Help them become better divers, as well as more informed consumers.

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