SDI/TDI/ERDI Welcomes Linda Seder to the Team

Linda Seder joined the TDI staff in February, 2013. She brings with her a 30+ year career in Office Management and Accounting. Raised in Buffalo, NY, Linda moved to Pompano Beach, FL in 1973, where her career began as an assistant to the Regional Controller of Waste Management, Inc.

In 1982, ready to start their own business and start a family, Linda and her husband relocated to Okeechobee, FL where, over the next several years, they started and successfully operated a commercial/industrial construction company, a steel building sales and erection company, an Irish Pub and rental properties.

Over the years, Linda’s professional career included working with not-for-profit organizations such as Breakthrough Recovery Services and Lamb of God Ministries and eventually working in the finance department of her local government.

Having raised her seven children, she now enjoys working for TDI and living near the beautiful beaches of Jensen Beach.

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