SDI/TDI/ERDI Welcomes Sally McDonnell to the team

Sally McDonnell Originally from Shelburne, Vermont, Sally enjoyed growing up on the quiet shores of Lake Champlain. While water skiing, fishing and snorkeling filled her days as a youngster, it wasn’t until becoming open water certified that she was able to fully enjoy the many treasures the lake held beneath its surface. Here she discovered some favorite dive sites such as the General Butler and its cousin the OJ Walker, schooner-rigged sailing canal boats whose voyages were ended by severe storms.

Though she was drawn to the warmer climes of Florida since a visit to Delray Beach at just 9 years of age, Sally finally made the move south in late 2002. Since the move she has filled her days working as a vet tech at UF, learning real estate investing, competing in triathlons, and recently training with the FWC to assist in manatee rescues.

With her children grown and out of the house, Sally recently raised a Service-Dog-in-Training named Fresno. Training and caring for him from 8 weeks through 18 months, he was returned to his service dog organization for advanced training and will soon graduate and be matched with his disabled partner.

Sally started with International Training in October 2012. Her five years of experience in shipping and controlling inventory in the entertainment industry has given her the knowledge and sensibility to take good care of our members.

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