Seminars and Workshops at Birmingham

SDI, TDI staff including company president, Brian Carney, will be attending the NEC BIRMINGHAM DIVE SHOW, this coming weekend (October 24, 25) to meet with divers, instructors and other dive industry pros.
The Birmingham Dive Show is one of the most popular and well-attended consumer dive shows in the UK. As well as having a booth on the show floor (booth 1357) SDI, TDI are sponsoring several seminars and workshops at the show.
On Saturday in Seminar Room 23, TDI IT Mark Powell, author of Deco For Divers, covers a subject close to every diver’s heart: “I’ll be talking about some of the myths surrounding decompression and look at practical advice for avoiding DCI,”  he explains.
Also on Saturday, Steve Lewis, Director Marketing Corporate Communications for SDI, TDI, ERDI will present two seminars: Six Secrets of Solo Diving, and the Art of Advanced Wreck Diving, both taking place in Seminar Room 22. The first seminar runs from 1 – 2 pm the second from 3 – 4pm. From 4 until 5 pm, Brian Carney will conduct a member update in Seminar Room 22.
On Sunday starting at 1 pm, again in Seminar Room 22, there will be an Instructor Crossover and in the same room starting at 3 pm, there will be a Poseidon Discovery Orientation and Instructor Familiarization workshop.



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