Status of eLearning Program


SDI Online /eLearning offers more…

            More Participants… 60,000 plus and growing daily

            More Online Courses… the eLearning Curriculum includes Open Water (the industry’s original and best online program).  Deep, Navigation, Wreck, and Computer Nitrox are also now available, which means you are able to offer students enrolled in the SDI Advanced Diver Development Program a completely online interactive classroom experience.

            More Branding of YOUR store… SDI online eLearning system brands YOUR store and keeps your name and store logo in front of your customers as they complete the interactive portion of their training.

            More Branding of YOUR products… the equipment lines YOU carry and that you want your customers to buy from you are loaded into the system. You select what students see as they complete their program and when they come into your store for the course review and instructor-lead portion, you can present your lines with confidence and work to close the sale. This feature puts inventory control at your finger tips… ask us how.

            More Profit… SDI offers the highest Gross Profit in the industry. No sleight of hand, no fuzzy logic, just the best deal for you and your bottom line.

            More Control of your cash flow and your business. SDI is in the business of helping you to develop your business. That’s the promise from our team of industry insiders. SDI’s online / eLearning system was built “in-house” by our team of software developers under the direction of our team of business consultants. Every unique feature of the system is built to deliver the maximum benefit to your business and your customer satisfaction rating.

            More Referrals… In a recent survey of grads from SDI’s online eLearning program, more than 80 percent told us that they would be likely or very likely to recommend SDI online eLearning to a friend or family member. That’s the sort of word of mouth endorsement that will impact your store’s bottom line in a very positive way.

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