STI Profit Center

STI has a money-making specials for every region on the globe! And you will be offered more opportunities and great travel deals for your customers as we receive them, so please be sure to check in with us, or if you have a destination you do not see listed, please ask us and we will see what the best deal we can get for you would be.

Here are some highlights:

Get Ready for the Galapagos!

The boats everyone has been waiting for are here! Many of you know  about new liveaboard possibilities that we have been developing in Galapagos. It’s been a long, two-year wait, but you don’t have to be patient any longer. The dream is becoming reality!

Adventurer II Liveaboard

If you’ve been looking for a way to increase bookings, enhance profitability, and make this year your best year ever, you need look no further than incredible Indonesia. Hotter than ever before, Indonesia is rapidly becoming a ‘must see’ destination for the discerning diver.

CONTACT for more details  concerning these great business opportunities and OTHER Scuba Travel International promotions and specials.


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