Summer Specials, Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!


Summer-SpecialsUse your customized links and get your free online codes

SDI, TDI and ERDi have developed customized links for your facilities. That’s right! These customized links mean that students can go directly to YOUR portal to take their online course. Apply these links anywhere on your website and keep your door open all day, all night, everyday of the week. Once the customized links are up on your site, contact your regional manager and claim 4 free online codes to sell to students.
* Check with your local regional offices


Become a TDI instructor

The buzz of 2012 is Tech Diving. Get your TDI Nitrox Instructor crossover NOW and start your path into a professional career in technical diving. Gain experience with TDI’s career path, and move on to teaching Rebreathers, Sidemount, Decompression Procedures and so much more.

If you are a Nitrox instructor with a recognized agency, and have a tech certification at diver level, you may already qualify to become a TDI Nitrox Instructor.

This summer only, for $299.00 you may crossover and become an instructor for the World’s largest and most recognized technical diving training agency. Crossover includes:TDI Nitrox instructor kit, Standards and Procedures, processing and registration fees.
* Check with your local regional offices


Instructor Trainer; Generate your instructors and grow your business from within

Place a $5000.00 order for student materials and get 20% off on your next ITW held at World HQ, Jensen Beach, FL on Oct 1st. Orders must be paid in full and applications submitted via the regional manager simultaneously.
* Check with your local regional offices


SDI, TDI, ERDI Online Specials
Buy 10 kits – get 2 free (codes only)
Buy 20 kits – get 5 free (codes only)
Buy 50 kits – get 20 free (codes only)

SDI, TDI ERDI Student Kits
Buy 20 kits – get 4 free
Buy 50 kits – get 15 free

All offers expire on Expires 8/3/2012

* Additional fees may be required
* Check with your local regional offices

Ask about your free sample code for the NEW Decompression Procedures online course from TDI.

Contact SDI TDI and ERDI

If you would like more information, please contact:

International Training or your Regional Manager
Tel: 888.778.9073 | 207.729.4201

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