TDI Announces a New CCR Course for the GEM

Keeping with the latest in technology and the demands of new diving adventures and equipment, Technical Diving International (TDI) has released the course standards for the TDI Gem Level One diver course. TDI worked closely with KISS Rebreathers to get these completed.

Kim Mikusch of KISS Rebreathers stated, “We are very pleased to have worked with the professionals at TDI in the developing of the KISS GEM training course.”

“For years there has been a void in the rebreather market for a semi-closed system” stated Sean Harrison Vice President of Training and Membership Services. He went on to say, “I think the new GEM will meet the needs of divers looking for a way to extend their diving times and reduce the noise without going the fully closed circuit route.”

The TDI KISS GEM Level 1 Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather (SCR) course is the ideal course for photographers, cold water divers or anybody wishing to enjoy a quieter dive and closer interaction with marine life. The course is unit and level specific covering the GEM Level 1 skills and academics. The GEM is an SCR that can be attached to any size cylinder within minutes and ready to go for a 2-4 hour dive (times water temperature dependent).

For more information about this course and how to become an instructor, go to or contact the training department at 888-778-9073 or

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