TDI Decompression Diving Procedures: New, Improved and Coming Soon!

The highly anticipated new Decompression Procedures Materials are almost here.

Decompression-ProceduresThe TDI Decompression Procedures course will prepare you for planned staged decompression diving. With a maximum operating depth of 45m/150 feet, this course is your first step beyond the normal sport diving limits.

Brian Carney, Group President for SDI, TDI and ERDI stated, “It has been over 10 years since the last version of our decompression procedures materials were released. Since then our knowledge of decompression theory has expanded vastly. These materials are an in-depth explanation of decompression theory, equipment, and procedures. We are really happy with these materials and are sure our members will be as well.”

The new Decompression Procedures products will include the new manual, a Knowledge Quest workbook, Instructor Guide, PowerPoint, and Instructor Resource CD. In addition, the Decompression procedures course will also be available online, increasing TDI’s eLearning Library once again.

Contact TDI SDI and ERDI
If you would like more information about decompression procedures or to schedule an appointment with TDI, please contact:

Tel: 888.778.9073 | 207.729.4201

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