TDI GENERIC CCR MATERIALS WORTH THE WAIT: initial reviews for new materials written by Kevin Gurr are in

“A thorough treatment of the subject…” “At last, a CCR Manual that can be used in ALL my CCR classes…” “A BRILLIANT book from a recognized EXPERT…”


The early reviews are in and TDI has hit another home run with the launch of its brand-new Generic CCR Materials. Centered on a 168-page student manual but including instructor materials and other classroom support tools, the NEW TDI GENERIC CCR MANUAL is due to be ready for shipping JUNE 1.


The materials were written by Kevin Gurr and are a thorough study on ALL aspects for rebreather diving and dive planning from air-diluent and air-diluent decompression classes, and include chapters on essential contingency planning, decompression planning, and the potential hazards and benefits of rebreather technology.


Gurr is recognized as one of the leading experts in the field today. He has extensive experience as a CCR diver, instructor, designer and principal of VR Technology, a leading manufacturer of CCR rebreathers and computers.


“What a pleasure it has been for the whole TDI team to work with Kevin [Gurr] on the development of these materials,” stated Brian Carney at Monday’s product launch. “He is the consummate professional and his treatment of the materials reflects the depth of his knowledge and unique experiences as a diver, designer, and promoter of CCR technologies,” TDI’s president said.


The new materials are intended to be used across the broad range of rebreathers sanctioned by TDI under its standards and procedures in conjunction with the user manuals supplied by specific unit manufacturers/designers.


“The development of generic materials for this type of diver education was first discussed among our staff and training advisory panel some time ago,” Carney observed. “We recognized the concept of non-unit specific materials was a sound one, but there were two stipulations to be met before TDI could adopt this style of teaching and learning materials: There had to be excellent existing user manuals from the unit manufacturers; TDI’s generic rebreather materials had to be developed by someone who is recognized globally as a standing expert.”


Carney explained that both have been met “in Spades.”


To order your advanced copies of these new materials, contact Cris Merz National Sales Manager for North America or your local TDI Regional Office.


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