TDI Goes Online… AT LAST… Yet FIRST!

International Training Launches Premier Online Technical Training Programs!

The innovators of sport and technical diving have done it again… another industry first. Technical Diving International (TDI) has moved five of their most popular technical diver courses online. “With the success and wide acceptance of online training first introduced by Scuba Diving International (SDI) that forced the rest of the diving industry to jump on the band wagon, it was a logical move” stated Brian Carney, President of International Training (parent company of TDI and SDI).

Later this month these popular TDI courses will be available:

  • Intro to Tech
  • Nitrox
  • Advanced Nitrox
  • CCR Generic
  • Cavern & Cave

Just to get things started.

“The intention of taking TDI courses online is to enhance the classroom time,” stated Sean Harrison Vice President of training and membership services. He went on to say, “Technical diving by its very nature is very theory heavy and can require the reader some time to process the information. When a diver takes the course online, they will have that time and in the comfort of wherever they want to study”.

Being the top technical agency in the world means more than keeping up to date on the latest equipment and technical diving techniques; it also means figuring out new ways to deliver that information and how to better support our Professional Members – online training is that new way. Technical divers travel all over the world seeking out the best diving destinations and the best TDI instructors. With online training, tech divers can now hit the ground running with a knowledge base their selected TDI instructor can build on. Technical instructors can now review the diver’s academic performance prior to class and focus on areas of challenge and go deeper into theory and formula work. This all adds up to better prepared divers and TDI instructors being able to maximize their face-to-face time with divers.

To learn more about all that TDI has to offer visit

Coming to DEMA? Take advantage of an Instructor Crossover course for your fellow Staff and Instructors. Contact TDI today for details

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