TDI Readily Welcomes Poseidon Announcement

Poseidon-UpgradeLong awaited Poseidon MK VI Discovery CCR upgrade announced

TDI™ has been offering training on the Poseidon MK VI Discovery since 2009 and has been ready to provide the higher level training once Poseidon officially released their upgrades; well, that day has come!

Poseidon recently announced the upgraded batteries (40M and 48M) for the MK VI Discovery CCR, and TDI™ is ready.

TDI™’s position on how divers, instructors and instructor trainers (IT) can get qualified for the higher levels is very straight forward; they need to follow our current standards. TDI™ has air diluent 30M/100ft, air diluent deco 45M/150ft, mixed gas 60M/200ft and advanced mixed gas 100M/330ft. For the MK VI Discovery we will offer training for the first three levels. On the certification card for the Discovery Mixed Gas there will be a maximum depth of 48 M / 157 feet.

All certification for the below have been added to the database and been enabled and can be viewed on the web:

  • MkVI Discovery Air Diluent Decompression Diver
  • MkVI Discovery Air Diluent Deco Instructor
  • MkVI Discovery Air Diluent IT
  • MkVI Discovery Mixed Gas Diluent Diver
  • MkVI Discovery Mixed Gas Instructor
  • MkVI Discovery Mixed Gas IT

Poseidon-Upgrade2This will allow the customers to find you, the qualified and certified Pro Members, right away. TDI™ is very excited to be offering this higher level training on the Discovery the MK VI; this rebreather has been a very popular rebreather for TDI™ and a lot of divers and professionals alike have been asking when they were going to be able to move to the next level – that time has come!

“It has been a true pleasure working with TDI™ on the Poseidon MkVI tech upgrades; I was amazed to see how quickly TDI™ responded positively to the concept and then created the course program,” stated Jonas Brandt Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Poseidon Diving Systems.

Don’t delay! Log into the member section of our website and see what you need to do to be able to offer these new courses.

Visit and log in to learn more about the courses available.

Visit to learn more about their CCR units.

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