TDI & SDI Proud to Sponsor 2011 Oceanz Dive Conference and Exhibition

At TDI and SDI, we are proud to be sponsors of the 2011 Oceanz Dive Conference and Exhibition.

The conference takes place November 12-13 at Baycourt Complex, Tauranga, New Zealand. It’s been a long time since the New Zealand scuba diving community has seen an event like this, and we’re happy to be along for the ride!

The conference will feature guest speakers including:

  • Darren Shields, the 6-time New Zealand Spearfishing Champion;
  • Roger Grace, marine biologist and Greenpeace photographer;
  • Pete Bethune, the skipper of Earthrace;
  • Pete Mesley, technical diver and expedition leader;
  • Steve Trewavas, National Director for the Cave Diving Association Australia (CDAA);
  • Jamie Obern, a technical and cave diving instructor based out of New Zealand

The event will also feature an exhibition and trade show, where the most recent diving equipment will be showcased and questions will be answered by participating government departments and dive training agencies.

That’s not all! There will also be lots of prizes offered and other events to enjoy, including an underwater photo competition. The event concludes with a fabulous gala dinner.

For ticket information, please visit the conference website.

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