Technology Update: New Reporting Functionality for Facility Admins

We have long offered the ability to generate a report that includes student names, emails, and certifications. However we’ve recently made this functionality more robust by including a start and end date for the report being requested, thus enabling you to control the data being generated and having more accurate results than ever before.
Want to check out this new feature? Follow the steps below!

  1. As a Facility Administrator, log in and select Tools.
  2. The default page should be reports, if not select reports.
  3. After choosing the facility you wish to run the reports for – you may now select either a Start Date, End Date, or both (optional).
  4. Continue to run the report as you normally would, by selecting the drop down titled “Course Specific Facility Contact List,” to generate a report within the specific time frame.

We hope that you have found this new feature useful. If you have any suggestions that could help you through our website, we would love to know. Please send us a note on our contact page.


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