The Pinnacle of our Industry Is Becoming an Instructor Trainer!


Here is a golden opportunity to meet your personal goals in a very efficient manner. If you will be attending DEMA this November, make it a point to sign up for the ITW and simply arrive in Orlando a week early! Earn your ITW and you will find yourself roaming the DEMA floor with a whole new “swagger”!

Where: Dayo Scuba Orlando, FL
When: October 25-31, 2011

About the Program: The Instructor Trainer Workshop (ITW) conducted by the ITI Training Department is a combination of the SDI IT Staff Instructor and Instructor Trainer courses, as listed in current SDI Leadership Standards, Sections 11 and 12. In order to graduate from the ITW as an Instructor Trainer, authorized to conduct SDI Instructor Evaluation Courses (IEC), candidates must meet the prerequisites for the Instructor Trainer rating listed in current SDI Leadership Standards. Candidates who do not meet the prerequisites for the IT level, but who do meet those for IT Staff Instructor, may graduate from the program as an IT Staff Instructor and upgrade to the IT level at a later date without further training, subject to verification of meeting the missing prerequisites. Existing IT Staff Instructors may attend the program to upgrade to Instructor Trainer. Eligible candidates may also graduate as TDI/ERDI ITs.

For More Info: Contact the Training Department at SDI/TDI/ERDI or your area Representative TODAY!
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