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Among the seminars I was asked to deliver at DEMA this year, one was about dive stores and how much profit a dive store makes. I asked several questions, and found not one of the dive stores in the seminar had ever made more than $5000.00 selling a dive trip. I believe that was what just one person said they made as their most profitable trip.

Honestly, I was quite shocked!

I would like to hear from you as dive store owners telling me what kind of trips you run; and then work with you to make much higher profits. If a dive store is not making money on travel, there is a good chance over a short time of the store getting frustrated with making so little profit, they just stop running trips. If a dive store stops offering group trips, you are making it easier for your competition to take that customer away from you.

At SDI, we have programs that you can make closer to $20,000 – please let us help you and show you how. These types of trips based on your demographics of where you live, the base of customers you work with. But, at minimum, in my opinion, should run at least one large trip every two years at least, many run several a year. Again this again would be determined by your customer base, and their incomes also.

We have many ideas to help dive stores make the larger profits, you owe it to yourself to at least ask us how this can happen.

STI is here to help you become as profitable as you can be in travel. That truly is one of our goals. Please look over the details again on the Maldives boat, and also on the two new Galapagos boats starting next September as well. Both of these destinations are on the top of many diver’s wish list. Why give this profit to a competitor? Keep your customers by offering more than just Caribbean trips. You still need to run some of the lower profit trips to the Caribbean, we know everyone is not going to go on all your larger trips. So I am not saying to abandon the small trips either, but mix them up.

Please call us with questions on how we can work together as a team to make your travel more profitable!

All the Best,

Ken Scarbrough


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