This Month’s Specials (March/April 2011)

Spring Specials – Out Now!!!
Buy 2 Professional level kits (DM, AI, Instructor) and receive 1 free.
Buy 10 O/W Kits (Pro, Deluxe, Standard) and receive 3 free.
Online Kits for OW and/or specialties – Buy 10 Kits and get 4 free.
Buy 15 manuals – Mix & Match, and receive 5 free.
Buy 20 manuals – Mix & Match, and receive 8 free.
Buy 5 Tender Manuals and receive 5 tender slates free.
Buy 10 ERDI Student manuals – Mix & Match (Diver 1, Contaminated or Tender), and receive 3 free.
Buy 25 stickers get 10 free – Mix & Match; SDI, TDI or ERDI Dive Team, Nitrox Tank Wraps, VIP & O2 Service Labels, Custom Tank, Diluent Cylinder Stickers, O2 Tank Decal.
Buy 3 of any item and get the fourth free of lesser of equal value; SDI, TDI and/or ERDi  Hats, Polos, T-shirts, Flags,  Jackets, Patches and more



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